Heavy Space

A free to read sci-fi adventure webcomic set in the very distant future,

About a reluctant ship captain named Mia and her crew of outcast robots trying to survive in a universe that wants them dead.

by Neil Collyer


Where the story begins...

Mia and her crew of ex-military robots live and work in a space ship that used to be a medium sized troop drop-ship called ORCA-12.

They are near the end of a long haul, 8 year deep-space run when she accepts a last minute add-on job.

This job will accidentally catapult Mia and her crew into a desperate scramble for survival, scouring the universe for safe harbour.

Available to read for free on Instagram and WebToons.

Why Instagram and Webtoons?

Instagram is best used for current story updates, while Webtoons makes it easier to read past issues.

Both platforms have notifications when new posts are available.

So pick the platform you're the most comfortable with, and get reading!


Neil Collyer is A Canadian Comic book illustrator and writer.

Neil is always looking for paid collaborations involving comic book art (covers or sequentials), or character design work.

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